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Sen. Neal Kedzie: Balance important in state shoreland zoning rules  12/3/09
"Homeowners with waterfront property may need to take note of what lies ahead regarding proposed changes to Wisconsin’s shoreland zoning rules."  More

"Together on the Greenway" 11/30/09

Here's a quote from Neil Heinen's editorial on WISC-TV, Nov. 30, written before the meeting:

"And here's what we'd like to say. To the neighbors, your activism has been genuine, thoughtful, respectful and inspirational. To the city, your response has been equally respectful and you've taken the neighborhood's concerns seriously. Significant issues remain but we have high hopes that his will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. In which case, both will have much to be proud of, and the rest of us a model worth following." See full text.

Ambitious plan for electric cars in Denmark  12/2/09

"Is saving $40,000 at the showroom enough to get drivers behind the wheel of an electric car?  With a program in the works to add easy access to charging stations, Denmark is about to find out."  Full text

Plans to Sue EPA for Failure to Regulate Phosphorus and Nitrogen Pollution  11/24/09

"Milwaukee Riverkeeper, together with a coalition of other environmental organizations, is calling upon the U.S. EPA to regulate phosphorous and nitrogen pollution in Wisconsin waterways, including the Milwaukee River Basin. The pollution is contaminating our drinking water, contributing to the growth of toxic "blue green" algae and causing algal blooms in Lake Michigan."  Read more

County shoreland plan touches off political firestorm  11/27/09
"A mass mailing to thousands of Madison area homeowners, warning their property could soon lose value because of a countywide plan to protect lakes and streams, has touched off a political firestorm."  More

Thanks to several people for calling my attention to these articles.

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