Time for "Friends Groups" to work together?

Friends groups are found everywhere.  Nearly every national park, state park, or state forest must have one.  In Massachusetts, they go a step further--there's a group called the "Friends Network" which assists the varous groups.

In the Madison area, we have at least 7 friends groups:
These groups have a lot in common--they all have to deal with "hard-to-move" bureaucracies, they have common interests in subjects like shoreland zoning and stormwater management, and they need help from "old hands" who have experience dealing with these kinds of issues. 

So, why don't we form such a group here?  All we need, really, is a few "old hands" to advise the groups, and a website to help with education and coordination.  Members of the board of Friends of Lake Wingra would be good people to start the Friends Network, since they are about to spearhead a new project on stormwater, and need to meet with the various groups. Any volunteers?

Note: Some inaccurate material was removed from this posting on 5/19/10.

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