Harmful deicer promoted in local stores by false ads

Today I received an email advertising "Safe Step Sure Paws Ice Melt from Ace Hardware." The ad says... 

*Salt free 
*Safe for pets and skin, non- irritating 
*Safe on lawns, shrubs and vegetation 
*Safe for the environment."

Salt has killed the shrubs in Ace's own parking lot.

Every one of these statements is false.

The truth about this deicer


Citizen action is the key to counter global warming

NY Times blogger Andrew Revkin makes some fascinating points.

He considers the controversial assertion by "turncoat" environmentalists that "the environmental movement is dead."  There's no denying that after the great recession, support for environmental projects is down, and we're facing a congress more hostile to the environment than any since 1970.

Given this hostile environment, we need to give careful though to what will motivate the public.


Support for the idea of global warming

In areas with the warmer color, there are more people who believe global warming is a threat.