Latest construction activity at the Edgewater

Excavation at the Edgewater Hotel, for the reconstruction project, viewed on Dec. 29, 2012.

Almost no erosion control measures are visible.  Findorff is gambling that it won't rain.

On Dec. 30 in 2004, the peak temperature was 56 F.   On Dec. 30 in 1884, it rained 1.62 inches.


Solstice celebration at Glenwood Children's Park


"Many stalwart folks showed up on Friday's official Solstice evening to defy Mayan doomsday talk and to thaw the longest coldest night of the year with good camaraderie, singing, hot cider, smores, and a blazing bonfire.


Neighbors organize cleanup team for construction mess

Neighbors on Monona Bay are fed up with the Ghidorzi Companies--a contractor that caused repeated plumes of muddy water into the bay, clouds of dust on windy days, insulation blowing about, and mud on the streets.

So two retired firefighters who live on the bay, Steve Vanko and Tom Ulrich, formed a team--to clean up the next mess--and DELIVER THE DIRT to those responsible.

The first "action" came Dec. 19, when a large "trackout" of mud from Ghidorzi on Fish Hatchery Rd was noticed at 4:30 pm.  Probably more than a hundred pounds of mud, much of it in large clods, was spread about a block south of the construction entrance.

The "rapid response team" of three was ready to go by 7:00 pm, with one "backup" on call.  The rush was to get the mud before the blizzard started. But to our as surprise, Ghidorzi had already cleaned it up!

Possibly they saw me photographing, and beat us to it.  Or even better, perhaps they had a change of heart--after six months of pollution.


Construction at Edgewater Hotel begins


The long-awaited construction of the new tower at the Edgewater Hotel has begun.  Trees have been cut, and excavations down to the lake begun.  Click on photo to enlarge.


Construction ready to begin at Edgewater site

This is a very steep site, with a high, caving bank over the lake.  Let's hope Engineering is up the the challenge that erosion control will present!  Trees are being cut.

Erosion control plans often "limit" sediment loss to no more than 7.5 tons/acre. For this 2-acre site, that would "allow" 15 tons of sediment to the lake, LEGALLY.


Construction at Memorial Union litters the lake

Construction along the shore of Lake Mendota--at the Memorial Union--have not been properly inspected for erosion control.

The University of Wisconsin is in violation of its erosion control permit for construction at the Memorial Union and Alumni Park on the waterfront.  

The biggest problem is the required silt curtain, floating in the lake.  Its problems are so obvious--that I wonder if anyone has been inspecting the erosion controls.

Pollution of Monona Bay by Ghidorzi Companies

Construction at the intersection of S Park St and Fish Hatchery Rd has caused repeated bouts of muddy plumes, litter, and dust pollution of Monona Bay.  The contractor is Ghidorzi Companies.

Despite complaints from neighbors, the problems have persisted for months.  Steve Vanko (right) and Tom Ulrich--retired firefighters who live on the bay--have obtained 160* signatures on a petition:

I am a landowner, resident, or neighbor with an interest in Monona Bay.  I am concerned that activities at the Wingra Clinic construction site at 1102 S. Park Street, operated by Ghidorzi Companies, Inc., may have led to unnecessary pollution of Monona Bay, and I support action to ensure that the company fully complies with all applicable stormwater management and erosion control requirements