Lake Wingra--a summary of key concepts

Goals.  The Friends of Lake Wingra (FOLW) and the community have identified four goals for the future:  Clean, clear water; restored springflow; abundant native plants and animals; and promoting stewardship and enjoyment.  All our educational efforts should seek to clarify and expand on these four goals.

Watershed. The health of the lake is dependent on the health of the watershed.  The two biggest threats to the watershed are disruption of the natural cycles of water (lack of infiltration) and nutrients (leaves, fertilizer, erosion).


The Lake Wingra Watershed--A Field Trip

To fit within 2.5 hours, we will focus on...
  • A healthy natural waterway
  • Stormwater channels of various kinds, including one badly deteriorated, and a stormwater basin
  • A sick urban stream
  • Rain gardens
...stopping at five locations shown on the map...

AK = Toki Shool
WP = Westmorland Park (lunch stop)
Samp = water sampling location at Wingra Park
----- = route of water from Odana Pond to Lake Wingra


Lincoln Elementary School is a leader in outdoor education

Recently, the Friends of Lake Wingra met with Clare Seguin, a Lincoln science teacher who is interested in applying for a grant from FOLW.

The grant would cover expenses for installation of a rain garden--mostly for plants purchased wholesale from Agrecol, Inc.  Up to $4,000 in funds are available from FOLW, with an application deadline of Jan. 5, 2015.

Clare said she could incorporate rain garden construction into her classes.  Students would put the plants in the ground.

We discussed how a rain garden with native plants could introduce students to concepts of biodiversity.  Students can use inexpensive cameras to "capture" insects visiting fall flowers in the garden.  Then they can make scrapbooks of insect photos, and look up life-cycle details on the internet.


Plans for harvest of aquatic weeds in Vilas Lagoon

Dane County Parks will be doing their last harvest in the Vilas Lagoon starting the week of Sept. 29, or the following week.  The harvesting will be to vegetation in preparation for the winter recreation season.