Unsustainable at CUNA

Salt storage area at CUNA headquarters in Madison, WI.
Runoff is flowing through the spilled salt and into a storm sewer.


Philadelphia uses tough love to overhaul its water and sewer system

."When it comes to dealing with water, the ambition of Philadelphia is to change more than its infrastructure. It wants to change its very culture, in a cutting-edge effort to address climate and water issues. But the effort is provoking protests over costs."


What "sustainability" really means

"Unsustainable" means... "change is coming."  And, you might not like the form change takes.

By the time people start talking about the sustainability of something--like spreading salt on streets--you can bet it's been going on for a long time.  And, you can bet there's a good reason why people don't want to change.  So, sustainability issues always involve tough choices.  And if we don't make those tough choices, then reality forces change upon us.