Update on Greenway Plans--by Chris Schmidt

Meeting tentatively scheduled
We've reserved Covenant Presbyterian Church on Nov 30 at 7pm. It is a bigger and less personal space than I wanted for this meeting and later in the month than anyone would like, but there is very little meeting space available in the area in November and December. I would appreciate it if you would circulate the date and time - if that doesn't work for people we can find another date, but it will be later into December. The mailed notice will be going out about two weeks in advance of the meeting.

Progress so far
I've been meeting with Engineering to talk about the alternatives. As you may know, the "access road" is no longer on the table. The goal then is threefold:
  • repair the sewer,
  • protect existing, healthy trees, and
  • limit erosion as much as possible.
The concepts that are being readied minimize disturbance as much as possible, and we'll be able to talk about which trees would be impacted with a good level of detail at the meeting. The meeting will have depictions of the impact of sewer replacement versus lining, as well as looking at how to control the water flow. We'll also talk about whether to keep the water running basically where it is now or making some realignments.

Engineering will be posting concept drawings online in advance of the meeting, so you don't have to just rely on this text description.

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