Neighborhood Meeting discusses Greenway

On Nov. 11, the Sunset Village Neighborhood Association met at Sequoia Library, led by President Janice Antoniewicz-Werner.  About 40 minutes of the hour-long meeting were devoted to the greenway issue.  About 19 people attended.

Marsha Siik, whose property abuts the greenway, spoke about how neighbors had spontaneously gathered together to fight misguided city plans, and where the plans stand now. 

David Thompson spoke about trends in stormwater management, hopes to "naturescape" the creek, and the need for wider community involvement. 

Questions and discussion followed.  One person made the point that we should find out what "best practices" might apply to this situation, and hold the city to such practices.  There was also discussion about looking for professors who might have expertise, and looking for classes to become involved in studying our situation.  Students going out in the rain could find the best places for rain gardens, and look for other ways to slow the runoff of stormwater.

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