Friends groups around Lake Mendota

Our stream empties into Lake Mendota at University Bay.  All around the lake, groups or citizens are starting up to help protect the lakes.  Here are a few examples:

Token Creek Watershed Association is a resident-driven effort formed in March 1997 to seek collaborative ways of preserving and/or improving watershed conditions so that involved residents can proudly pass on the stewardship of the area to their children and grandchildren.

The Friends of Cherokee Marsh and Upper Yahara Watershed formed in 2006 to appreciate, protect, and help restore the special natural features of this unique ecological treasure.

The Friends of Kettle Ponds is a non-profit (501-(c)-3) group, formed in 2002 with the goal of preserving and improving the quality of the kettle ponds and surrounding wetlands in Middleton and western Madison. We work closely with the DNR. As a non-profit partner to the City we can obtain environmental grants and provide volunteer labor to enable the City to implement improvements it could not otherwise afford.

The Friends of Pheasant Branch organized in June 1995 to “restore, preserve and promote the value of conservancy lands and other habitats in the Pheasant Branch watershed for today and tomorrow.”
They face the challenge of preserving and restoring wetlands, prairie and savanna in a 540-acre conservancy in an urban area. They are working to reduce the amount of polluted runoff flowing to Pheasant Branch Creek, and to protect the recharge area for a major spring complex in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy. They seek to educate local residents of all ages about the ecology of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy and promote an understanding of its value to the community.

Friends of Stricker's Pond work to preserve the wetlands and wildlife area of Stricker's Pond, a
conservancy located on the border of Madison and Middleton.

Friends of Lake Wingra.  Good news!  Carp removal has resulted in much clearer water in the lake!

This info is quoted from the Dane County State of the Waters Report.

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  1. Thanks for blogging about this. Holy Wisdom Monastery is located on the north side of Lake Mendota, and we're trying to do our part to reduce run-off into the Lake Mendota watershed.

    Check out this webpage to learn more about Lost Lake (a glacial lake on our property), prairie restoration, and a detention basin on our property. And please come out and visit us sometime!



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