Science Thursdays at Wingra Park--free for kids

by Debi Leeper

We are in full swing with our Science Thursdays and the first two sessions have been great!

Liz Metloff and Natalia Kulas did an outstanding job, starting our season off with a walk to the spring and comparing water in the spring and the lake.

The students were like little scientists with their little testing kits and they really went away understanding what determines water quality. 

It was a great first session and the science cart had extended activities for students to do all week. We had 15 children and 11 adults the first session.  And last night (June 21st Science Thursday) our numbers jumped to 35+ children and 18+ adults with Shari Nelson presenting alone!

It was a full house and Shari came very prepared for the 'unknown' and had kids of all ages exploring, creating and laughing. She even dressed up a student in an invertebrate costume (that she created) to talk about adaptation invertebrates have for survival! 

We were able to use the two microscopes Jim Lorman loaned us and when the children got bored with their explorations the parents took over looking through the scopes, determining what they were seeing, engaging their children even further. It was great!

Link to schedule of Science Thursdays

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