Can you name the wetland critters?

Take the skull challenge...

at Friends of Lake Wingra's display tent
June 16, 9:30 am-4:00 pm
at Jazz in the Park, Wingra Park, Madison WI

Can you name the wetland animal that matches each skull?

The relative sizes are shown.  The largest is 7 3/4" long, and the smallest is 2 3/8" long.

A. hint:  omnivore (eats a wide variety of animals and plants)

B. hint: herbivore (eats plants); round tail

C. hint: mostly a carnivore (eats animals)

D. hint: omnivore (eats a variety of animals and plants)

E. hint: carnivore (eats animals)

F. hint: herbivore (eats plants), flat tail

More fun besides skulls at the Friends of Lake Wingra tent:

  • Guided tours of the springs nearby in the morning
  • "Enviroscape" model of a watershed, with demonstrations for children k-6, in afternoon.
  • Photos and instructions for how to build a one-hour rain garden
  • Display of plans for mowing aquatic plants in the lake
  • Trivia game about lakes 
  • Lots of information & gifts for volunteers (t-shirts, picnic bags, booklets about the lake, "Love the lake--don't leaf it" signs, etc... supplies limited)

The skulls and the answers will be at Wingra Park, Madison WI, June 16, 9:30 am-4:00 pm, at the Friends of Lake Wingra  display area, under a canopy.  

We'll post answers here, after the event is over.

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