Plans for cutting aquatic plants in Lake Wingra


If you've seen Lake Wingra recently, you may have noticed big changes.  The water is much clearer--but there are more lake weeds--especially Eurasian water milfoil.

Since removal of carp during recent winters, these destructive fish have been greatly reduced in numbers.  They no longer stir up the bottom sediments, making the water cloudy, and disturbing rooted plants.

This has allowed water milfoil to increase, because it gets more light in the clear water.  You can now see vast areas of this invasive plant--because the little flowers are protruding above the water.

Plans for mowing aquatic plants

The 5-year permit for mowing in Lake Wingra has expired, so the Dane County Land & Water Resources Dept. is seeking public input on plans for the next 5 years.  

Recently, test strips were mowed, as shown on the map below:

"Open water areas" are found in the middle of the lake, where the water is too deep for water milfoil to take root.

The orange strip was cut to allow easy access by boats or distance swimmers across the lake.  The yellow strips are designed to allow predatory fish to penetrate into the shore areas, where they will help to restore the balance between predator and prey, leading to larger fish for anglers.

If you have comments, address them to Darren Marsh, Parks Director, 608-224-3766; marsh@co.dane.wi.us

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