The "Save our Lakes" breakfast

On April 25, the Clean Lakes Alliance held its annual fundraiser breakfast at Monona Terrace.  There were at least 5 speakers, including Mayor Paul Soglin and County Executive Joe Parisi.

Steven Carpenter, from the UW's Laboratory of Limnology, spoke briefly about "the state of our lakes."  Basically, our lakes are holding their own--neither improving nor declining--despite all the efforts at correcting their problems.

The ups and downs we have recently seen in lake clarity are simply due to whether it has been a year with lots of runoff, versus a year of drought.

The decorations were stunning, including hanging mobiles depicting the many species of fish in our lakes, made by school children just for this event. Behind luminous blue curtains, videos of waves and bubbles reproduced an underwater environment (someplace much cleaner than our lakes).  It felt like we were dining like mermaids, beneath the waves.

More photos

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