Zombie bill comes back from dead to attack environment

We're hearing rumors that SB 349 – the bill that would take away the power of local communities from making their own decisions about things like frac sand mining and factory farms – is coming up – and soon.

The anti-conservationists at the Capitol are looking for the right moment to bring this terrible bill back, and when they do, we won't have much time to act. They know this issue is dicey, so they aren't going to give us a heads up.

At Conservation Lobby Day (February 11th in Madison), we have a big opportunity to raise some hell and keep this bill from ever becoming a law. You can help. Donate to Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters today and help us dig a deep grave for the Kneecapping Local Communities Bill.

If we don't act now, polluters and their friends at the Capitol will win the day, paving the way for even more unfettered frac sand and iron mining and factory farms, potentially-hazardous air pollution, toxic run-off in our waterways, and irreversible destruction of our state's beautiful landscapes.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we need to make certain that this bill does not come back from the dead. We can't let polluting industries run amok in our great state and spoil its natural places, like the Bad River in the Penokees or the gorgeous rolling hills of western Wisconsin, which are being torn up by frac sand mining faster than you can imagine. That's why Conservation Lobby Day is more important than ever this year.

At Conservation Lobby Day, we'll let the big polluters and their friends at the Capitol who are just itching to push this bill down our throats know that we won't stand for it. Are you with us? Make a special gift to Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters of $25, $40, $60, or whatever you can afford today and help us put the brakes on this horrible bill at Conservation Lobby Day. We couldn't do it without you.

Thank you for being a conservation voter,

Jennifer Giegerich

Thanks to the League for Conservation Voters

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