A tar sands mine in Madison ??

Madison has its own version of the tar sands--an asphalt and concrete recycling operation near the corner of the Beltline and Verona Rd.  Next door is a staging area for the stormsewer work going on along the beltline.

The many construction entrances have no tracking pads.  Only one of four stormsewer inlets are protected. The few areas of sediment fence are in poor repair. A large swale leaving the area is completely unprotected.

In addition, these two sites are a glaring example of environmental injustice.  Just downwind (for NW winds) is low income housing. Concrete recycling creates toxic dust--containing crystalline silica.

Recycling of road surfacing is good--but not when it's located next to housing, where it puts citizens at risk.

The negligent contractors appear to be...
  • To the west, Speedway Sand and Gravel.  This company's CEO was convicted of creating the superfund dump called "Refuse Hideaway" (I'm not making this up), located along SR 14 between Middleton and Cross Plains.  Speedway was also responsible for the big sediment spill while they were working on Edgewood Avenue three years ago, and responsible for allowing large cans of tar to wash into Lake Wingra.
  • To the east where recycling is occurring, Zenith Tech Inc. of Waukesha.

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