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If you have a little extra space in your yard, plant some native plants.
Then, as they spread, make them available to neighbors for terrace or other improvement projects.

You can establish a native-plant nursery in the greenway or park behind your house--such as in this greenway just W of Westmorland Park.

Shade plants that are low-maintance, and spread
  • Ostrich fern-native tall
  • Celandine poppy-native medium height
  • Sweet woodruff-non-native very low
  • Foam flower-native low
  • Wild ginger-native very low
  • Snakeroot-native  tall
For good design, plant a group of three tall plants, surrounded by lower ones.

For example, ferns and sweet woodruff (white flower) make a dynamite combination!

Sun plants
  • Day Lily (there are some dwarf varieties for sidewalk edges)
  • Iris
Sun/shade list

An inexpensive way to obtain plants in spring is to search on Craigslist.  Put the search term "plants" into the box, under the "for sale, farm & garden" categories.   Sometimes there are free plant exchanges.  If you don't have a plant to exchange, you can contribute snacks instead.

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