"Know your watershed" lawn sign contest


Take a Stake in the Lake days are coming up in June.  The Friends of Lake Wingra are developing a sign to promote watershed awareness.  We need your ideas!

Why watershed awareness?  To solve problems of stormwater control and lake quality, it's helpful to think big, in terms of the whole watershed.  That's why Friends of Lake Wingra is working with the City to develop a management plan for the Lake Wingra watershed.  A sign will help promote the watershed perspective.

Walt Kelly, father of Pogo the Possum cartoons, designed a poster for the first Earth Day.  The Pogo cartoon above is more appropriate for watersheds--but we need something without an alligator!

Ideas for a better slogan?   Do some kids want to try some art or cartoons--on the theme above, or something else entirely?  If you have something to contribute, call David Thompson at 233-9589.

Pop quiz !

Which lake does the runoff from your driveway run to?
Can you describe the rough boundaries of the Lake Wingra watershed?

If you didn't get 100%, you may need a lawn sign!

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