Sustainability at the UW in Madison

When I attended the recent New Urbanism conference at Monona Terrace on June 4, the UW had a display there, boasting about its sustainability

That was a new one for me... so I decided to look into it.

The Princeton Review sent a questionnaire to over 700 colleges and universities, then gave each a sustainability score.  Their list of green colleges was 311 long--but the UW Madison didn't make the list.  (The UW-Milwaukee, -Oshkosh, -Eau Claire, and -Stevens Point did make the list.)

Let's take a tour of Campus
to see how the environment is doing

Animals are always treated well on Campus.

Along the shore of beautiful University Bay, a haven for wildlife.

At the Union, come on in... the swimming's fine!

The west side of Campus features acres of playing fields, and wetland habitat.

Campus is close to downtown shopping.  Whoops!--watch the splash of toxic waste from the gutter.

We're bike friendly.  Access point to SW Commuter bike path.

How's the air?  New housing under construction close to the lake, on Mendota Court.  Toxic masonry dust requires face masks for workers--students beware. Madison's air was on a list for the worst in the nation.
Construction next to the Kohl Center contributes to Madison's failing grade on air quality.

Rain garden, UW-style.  (You won't find many on Campus.)

The UW's three plants withdraw vast quantities of water from Lake Mendota.
In a project to compensate for one of these plants, MG&E is injecting salty water into our aquifer, leading to salt levels in groundwater that exceed legal pollution standards.

Building a bigger future, but not a sustainable future.
Typical regard for erosion regulations at Campus construction projects.

Stormwater runoff from the UW at Lake St.
All mud and litter on Campus flow to the lake.

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