City requests proposals for control of invasive plants

On June 3, the City Engineering Division requested proposals from landscapers for control of invasive plants.  An informational meeting will be held at the work locations on June 17, to answer contractor's questions, and bids are due on June 28. The project is being managed by Glenn Clark.  Details.

The project will cover portions of the Southwest Commuter Bike Path and the Capital City Bike Path, plus a patch of Japanese Knotweed on the west bank of Starkweather Creek.

The project aims to reduce the large infestations of Japanese Knotweed,  plus other invasive species:  "The goal of the project is to manage or discourage the continued growth of species such as Japanese Knotweed, Garlic Mustard, Japanese Hops, Japanese Hedge Parsley, Cottonwood, and Box Elder."

For the work along the Capital City path, the contractor will remove Japanese Knotweed at five private properties along Sargent Street.  (The RFP doesn't state whether removal of Japanese Knotweed will be required on private properties along the SW Bike Path.)

This project does not address the infestations of Japanese Knotweed on a number of City terraces in the Sunset Village Neighborhood, or in the Hillcrest-Upland Greenway.

Also, there is a clone of Japanese Knotweed in the Arboretum near Secret Pond.  This clone will have to be eradicated before proposed work on the pond is begun--otherwise, earthmoving equipment will only spread the weed.

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