Progress on greenway--Nov 15, 2010

Story and photos by Kathleen McElroy  Posted Nov. 15, 5:44 pm

After all these many months of waiting and wondering, the installation  of the riprap water channel began today. And as far as I can tell, it is what we were promised: The channel is deep with the sides armoured with good-sized riprap, and there is some kind of ground cloth laid in the channel and up the sides under the stone. The riprap is what we were promised, multi-sized field stone, largely with soft edges and an appealing contour.

They are smoothing the soil next to the water path, and planting the trees as they go along. The trees are good size - 12 to 15 feet it looks to me.

They are working their way back up the valley from Midvale, and so far today they've gotten as far as our yard (one property from Midvale) and have planted 4 trees.

It looks like the sequence will be this--replace the sewer and the laterals, then do the riprap water path in that area before moving on to the next sewer-replacement section. Thus far, they've replaced the sewer & laterals from Midvale up to the 2nd manhole, the one at the far end of 4334 Upland.

Close-up of the riprap.  Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Looking toward Midvale, new tree on left.

Looking upstream (east) along riprapped channel from Midvale.

Planting a new tree behind Marsha's house.

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