Progress on greenway--Nov. 12, 2010

The gravel check dam at the bottom of the ravine.
This is what they were working on yesterday, into the darkness.

There was no work going on today, due to light rain early this morning.  If heavy equipment used the road, it could turn into a mud wallow in places.

The first two laterals (on the Hillcrest side) have been finished.

The crew worked into the dark, rushing to finish the gravel check dam that is always supposed to be in place (at the end of the day if rain is forecast).

This dam will catch the large debris and slow the water, but it won't prevent most of the phosphorus from escaping from the site and going to the lake.  That's why it's important to protect the banks upstream from eroding in a heavy rain.

We have been pleased with the vigorous tree protection efforts.  Today all vehicles were parked at least 5 feet from trees.

Erosion control for this wet weekend is good, with one exception:

There are a number of places where the gravel road slopes to one side or the other (see below).  At these places, during a heavy rain, a torrent will run against the unprotected bank, causing a great deal of erosion.  These places should be protected with gravel berms if substantial rain is predicted.

The toxic spill--two days with no cleanup

The Nov. 10 spill of concrete slurry at 210 S. Owen Drive is moving down the gutter.  This should be cleaned up, as it is considered an "illicit discharge" by the Health Department.  They have been notified.

Corrosive runoff from concrete waste moving down the gutter.

This is considered an illicit discharge under Madison General Ordinances 7.46.  The fine is $50-$2,000, levied per day until cleanup.  Cleanup costs can also be assessed.

See all today's photos here.

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