Progress report on Greenway--Oct. 26, 2010

The haunted construction job.

After a night of rain, I checked the greenway about noon.

The tree crew had not yet returned, since it was too windy, and the road still wasn't finished.  No one was working, but I could see this progress since Sunday...
  • More gravel had been dumped on the Owen Dr construction entrance, and down the road a ways.
  • The contractor was in the process of adding geo fabric under the new gravel.  This prevents water from welling up under weight, and the gravel from becoming mixed with mud.  This fabric had been neglected when the first gravel was added.
  • A new dam had been added where the stormwater pipe enters the ravine, but it didn't have enough gravel.
  • The sediment trap had been cleaned of mud, but now there was more mud from the rains last night.  A silt sock was added at the end, but the trap still needs more work.
  • The dam at the bottom, where the creek is diverted to the street, had been repaired and beefed up.

More gravel was being added over geo fabric.  The road has to be stable and level before trees can be cut.

Still waiting for action...
  • Many stormwater inlet filters need to be added below the sediment trap, down both sides of Midvale.  Only the first two inlets below the trap have filters.  Given how inexpensive these are, and quick to install, it's unbelievable they haven't yet been installed.
  • The sediment trap needs further improvements if it's to be fully effective.  It was over topped again.
  • The terrace above the sediment trap needs protection.
  • Pedestrians need to be routed around the sediment trap.  The sidewalk covered with mud is VERY slippery!
  • The pile of soil near the lowest dam needs a sediment fence to prevent its erosion.
  • Completion of the gravel road, and the start of tree removal.
See photos here

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