Leaves in the Lakes

It's Fall again, and our lakes need your help...

"Depending on where you put them, leaves can fertilize your lawn or flower beds, or promote algae growth as rain washes leaves in the street down storm drains and ditches and into nearby lakes and streams.

Even if the leaves themselves don't move, rain seeping through leaf piles and leaves crushed by car tires makes a rich "nutrient tea" that flows along the curb and into the storm drains. These nutrients then fuel algae growth. Brown leaves in the street this fall make a green lake next summer.

So remember - the lake is as close as your nearest storm drain, and what you do with your leaves really matters. Please show your love of our beautiful Lake Wingra by keeping leaves out of the street. Instead - think of your leaves as a yard asset - not waste.

For great ideas on turning leaves and other yard "wastes" into valuable, useful amendments for your yard and gardens, go to:

please ... love your lakes - don't leaf them!"

Thanks to Judi Dilks, Friends of Lake Wingra

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