Sediment basin planned for west end of L Mendota

Muddy runoff into west end of L Mendota after a heavy storm.
Photo: 1960s, UW Engineering

"At a news conference overlooking Lake Mendota, Don Heilman of the Clean Lakes Alliance presented a check for $50,000 to assist with construction of a new sediment basin that will stop more than 41,000 pounds of sediment carried into the lake each year. The new project will treat stormwater runoff from nearly 1,000 acres of residential and commercial land."

"Dane County will contribute a $50,000 Urban Stormwater Grant, the City of Middleton will give $60,000 and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources through its Urban Water Quality Grant program will give $40,000 for this important improvement."  More from press release.  June 18, 2010.

Sediment basins are the last line of defense against muddy runoff washing away from bare land, creek banks, and construction sites.  While they mostly stop the trash and mud, they don't stop the flow of nutrients to the lake, so it's best to rigorously enforce construction site rules and other measures upstream.  

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