Free rain garden program in Pennsylvania

"Mount Pleasant Borough has received a grant to design, install, and landscape up to 40 rain gardens in and around Ramsay Terrace neighborhood, with other locations possible at a later time." 

Why?  "Because rain gardens help to reduce flooding…and flooding has been a problem in and around Ramsay Terrace."  Mt. Pleasant is located in western Pennsylvania.
"Funding for the rain gardens is being provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection through Section 319 of the Federal Clean Water Act administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection  Agency.  The Richard King Mellon Foundation is providing funding for the public information meetings and outreach."  Source

"The Westmoreland Conservation District has created rain gardens in other locations in the county. One of the largest gardens captures rainwater from a 750-square-foot section of roof on the GreenForge office building on Donohoe Road in Greensburg." Source

Details on how project is being organized.

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