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This blog is about urban infrastructure... and nature... and where the two intersect.

In my research, I've stumbled across a lot of interesting stuff. Perhaps the most amazing urban explorer I've encountered is amateur photographer Timothy Vogel. Although he has another job with a 50-hour week, he still finds time to explore his city. Here's a photo taken during one of his explorations.

Underneath New York, by Timothy Vogel.  Click to enlarge.

In his own words: "What started as a side-project, photographing my urban exploration trips has taken on a life of its own. I think I've... become a picture-taking tourist in my own city, although not of everyday touristy things. Not quite street-photography, I describe my pictures as being city-detail oriented. The term 'urban fragment' more than often suits my pictures just fine.

My other goal is to visit places in NYC's 5 boroughs where people rarely venture, and bring back pictures seldom seen by anyone except the locals." 

I doubt if many of the locals have seen what Timothy sees.

Timothy Vogel's Flickr site.  Reproduced here under the creative commons: CC BY-NC 2.0

In Hartford, CN, urban explorers run the underground river in kayaks, wearing headlamps.

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