Earth Partnership for Schools

"Earth Partnership engages students, teachers
and community partners in restoring native habitats
on schoolyards and nearby natural areas.

The habitats they create together become learning
grounds for science, math, language arts, social
studies, student-led inquiry, service-learning and
unstructured nature play.

Earth Partnership for Schools is possible in any
school, anywhere. It is adaptable and effective with
children and adults of all ages, rural, urban, and suburban,
across ecosystem, subject matter, ability, place
and culture."    More.  This is a program of the UW Arboretum.

"This rain garden planting at Prairie View Elementary School in Oregon, WI, infiltrates water originating from the front entrance and sidewalks." 

"High school and elementary students plant a rain garden on their schoolyard."

Photos by UW Arboretum, Earth Parnership for Schools program.

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