Rain garden #2 at Thoreau School is growing nicely

The garden is coming along nicely--plants are starting to grow. We survived all the storms !  We've lost only 10-20 plants.

Plants in the heavy shade are growing very slowly.  So we trimmed some branches above.  In case poor soil--where the basin was excavated--is causing the slow growth, I am adding compost around all plants.  But this is taking a lot of time.

Not much watering has been required, but weeding is continuing.

We built a spillway for gardens #1 (built last year) and #2.  During a storm, it's amazing to see how garden #1 sucks up the water--very thirsty!  But if heavy rain continues for more than 15 min, garden #1 overflows, and then #2 gets a deluge.

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The full story about this garden.

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