Construction at the Edgewater, Jan. 29, 2013

On January 29, temperatures reached 54 F, with rainfall of 1.84 inches. Findorff Contruction wasn't prepared for the rain.
There was a sediment spill to Lake Mendota.

The sediment fence wasn't long enough to protect the lake, and it leaked.

Here's the E end of the fence, visible lower right.

Muddy water on the ice.

Muddy water behind the silt fence. The blue hose (upper left), was illegally pumping unfiltered muddy water to the shore.
As soon as they saw us, Findorff staff rushed to hide the blue hose.

Expected result from Findorff's work at the Edgewater.

It was a foggy day on the lake. More photos.

Follow a construction site in your neighborhood.  Here's how.

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