What it will take to clean up the lakes

Recently, the Wisconsin State Journal published an editorial saying it was their priority to clean up our lakes.

It's a nice sentiment, voiced many times before.  But still the lakes are dirty and out of balance.

Clearly its going to take more than an editorial... or a wish.  The problems in our lakes have been very resistant to change.  To understand why, let's compare the situation to your kitchen floor.

Wisconsin State Journal says cleaning up lakes is a top priority

.Debris in Lake Mendota at the Wisconsin Union

The State Journal's editorial board identified cleaning up Madison lakes as one of the board's five agenda items for 2012.

"Cleaning up Madison's lakes is one of the key priorities of the State Journal editorial board this year. Enough with the stinky green muck, dangerous algae and thick weeds ruining summer fun in and around the water. The health and beauty of our lakes — as well as Madison's image as a great place to live and work — are at stake."


Ravenous predator loose in Lake Wingra

There's a predator in our lakes most people don't know about.  It eats its weight in flesh every day .  It has enormous claws, and 22 tentacles at the end of its snout.  It's just as happy hunting by night or by day....


How to repair an ugly eroding terrace

Every neighborhood has one... an ugly eroding terrace.


Introducing Friends of Olin-Turville Park

This is a beautiful example of how encouraging cultural activities at a park can have many benefits.  Neglected public spaces--even tiny greenways--can become places where neighbors connect.


DNR writing fewer tickets for violations

"Environmental enforcement activity by the state Department of Natural Resources has dropped dramatically in the past two years, according to data from the agency, with the number of permit violation notices hitting a 12-year low in 2011."

"DNR officials say the decrease is partly caused by an enforcement staff that's been hit hard by budget cuts. But they also point to a philosophical shift that emphasizes cooperating with businesses by helping them navigate complex state and federal regulations and steering them into compliance when they violate their permits."

See the full article by Ron Seely


A revved-up water cycle points to more severe weather

The water cycle is a term for how water evaporates from the ocean, forms clouds that deliver rain to the land, and how that rain returns to the sea flowing in streams or through the ground.

And now a new study predicts that, because of global warming, the water cycle is going the get a big boost.


Visioning Workshop for the Vilas Park Shoreline

Your participation is requested!

Join in the discussion at the

Lake Wingra / Vilas Park Shoreline Visioning Workshop

Wednesday, May 16th, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Volunteers needed for gardens along bikeway

May 12, from 1 to 4 pm.