UW student group cleans up Wingra Creek

On September 29, a UW student group called "Clean Up Wingra Creek" turned out from 8-10 am.

They assembled under the leadership of  Kohldon Boydston, President and Founder.  Despite light rain, seven students turned out.  They picked up both sides from Fish Hatchery Rd east to the edge of Goodman Park (except for the last 2.5 blocks on the south side).

I worked with a freshman from Los Angeles--we talked about how the Los Angeles River is being rehabilitated.  He said it probably has a long ways to go.

I was impressed with the robust prairie vegetation planted several years ago on the banks.  The aquatic vegetation planted on submerged "terraces" also seemed healthy.  Beavers had cut a few of the planted saplings.

Just after we finished, a group of middle school students came paddling down the creek in canoes.  They probably launched from Wright Middle School on Fish Hatchery Rd.  There is a landing and stored canoes visible at the school.

So the students benefited from our work, and enjoyed a clean stream along with the fall colors!

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  1. Great article! Our second event held on 10/11 cleaned up the portion of the creek from Fish Hatchery to the Henry Vilas Zoo. We removed roughly 80 pounds of trash!


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