Progress on greenway--Dec. 10, 2010

The greenway construction is almost entirely finished, except for a little cleanup.  It was finished on schedule.

I have been quite impressed that, despite the large size of the equipment used, there has been almost no tree damage above ground level.

Let's go on a  tour down the greenway, starting at Owen Drive, walking down on the right side, and then back on the other side.

This is the access road, seen from Owen Drive.  The tan material is the erosion control mat.  Soil and seeds are underneath.

You can see on the left, a bit of cleanup is needed.

Looking back uphill, past a newly-planted sapling.

Looking downstream, the riprap begins.  Towards the rear, you can see the first "dam," really rather small.

Several planted saplings in the foreground.

It's good that some of the curves in the channel were preserved.

View east from Midvale Blvd.  The saplings here (on right) are a bit larger, to block the view of the street.

Unfortunately, by late Friday afternoon, the street was left very dirty, in violation of specs in the contract for contractors.  Mud left on the streets runs off into the lakes, carrying a lot of phosphorus that "fertilizes" the lakes.

Previously when the street was left dirty, I emailed City inspector Tim Troester, and it was cleaned immediately.  But this time, I didn't notify him--it shows that residents have to be vigilant to get good results.

See all the photos here.

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