Edgewater Hotel reconstruction--a site with special challenges

A new tower for the Edgewater Hotel will rise on the steep, wooded site to the right.

The contractor chosen for the Edgewater Hotel reconstruction must be prepared for some significant erosion-control challenges. The site has a number of risk factors for a major sediment spill:
  • Close to the lake
  • Steep slopes
  • Caving bank above the shore
  • Cramped site
In addition, the project is controversial and highly visible. The contractor will either gain a reputation for being GREEN, or for GUNK in the Lake.

Ordinary erosion control measures won't cut the mustard. The anemic, ordinary methods of erosion control required by Madison didn't begin to protect Lake Wingra from the June 21 storm that ravaged the Edgewood Av project. That storm was only 1.75 inches.

The Edgewater project has to be prepared for a major storm, like the one that recently pummelled Milwaukee with six inches of rain in a few hours. In the 1990s, a storm of 7-11 inches flooded Madison and Baraboo.

 The new tower will rise on the wooded area to the left.

One challenge is the caving bank of soil, 20-30 feet high, ready to collapse into the lake. The previous owner should have taken care of this. Nevertheless, the contractor chosen for this site WILL OWN THIS PROBLEM.

  Caving bank by shore, 20+ ft high. Only roots prevent collapse.

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