Sediment problems at Forest Hills Cemetery

Update 7/27: Thanks to Jim Weinstock, Parks Operations Manager, for his speedy attention to this problem.

Sediment--from erosion, construction, and sanding of streets--is one of the more serous problems for water quality in Lake Wingra.  On July 22 after heavy rain, I checked the cemetery for sediment problems.

Eroding bank along drive in Forest Hills Cemetery.

Sediment from the bank flows down the gutter.

Sediment leaves the gutter and heads towards a gully leading to Lake Wingra.
In the maintenance area, there's an eroding pile of soil on the pavement.

Sediment from the pile runs across the parking, and into this gully.

Another gully to the W receives water from the Glenway Golf Course.

Still more runoff from the golf course joins the gully here. This would be an ideal place for a rain garden.

Equipment is housed right at the cemetery, so the rain garden could be built inexpensively.  All that's needed are a design, a basin built with that equipment, volunteers, material for a spillway, and some native woodland plants.

Trails below Glenway Golf Course are starting to erode rapidly.7/25

Who is responsible
Alder Brian L. Solomon  district10@cityofmadison.com
Kevin, Briski, Parks Superintendent, 266-4711
James Weinstock, Parks Operations Manager, 267-8804
Bill Schott, West Parks Maintenance Supervisor, 266-9214
Kevin Sorenson, Forest Hill Cemetery Manager, 266-4741
Laura Whitmore, Community Relations/Volunteer Coordinator, 266-5949 (To help organize volunteers for rain garden)

More photos of erosion in cemetery here.
Photos of trail erosion here.

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