What's blooming now in the greenway

Today, I made my first trip through the greenway this spring.  I was amazed by all the woodland widlflowers!  This ravine is such a wild resource for city dwellers!

Bluebells are blooming all along the ravine.

The celandine poppy, also known as woodland poppy, will spread easily in your shady garden.

The loveable, quirky, Jack in the Pulpit.  The flower is actually hidden inside the "pulpit."  The plants are either male or female, and the seeds are bright red berries on a stalk.  More.

Woodland violet flowers come in a variety of colors.  The flowers and leaves are edible, and it's also the state flower of Wisconsin.  More.

Wild geranium.

Prairie trillium. More on trilliums.

Wild ginger is valued for it's distinctive foliage-- the satiny, heart-shaped leaves seen here.  The curious flowers that droop to the ground are pollinated by flies--then the seeds are planted by ants.   More.

Click here for a slide show of the flowers.

Too bad--all this will be lost when the bulldozers arrive.

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