Letter from City Engineering about next meeting

Hello Hillcrest and Upland neighbors,

I wanted to advise you of the date for the next public meeting.

We have scheduled a meeting for the evening of Thursday, February 25th, to be held at the Sequoia Library from 7pm to 9pm. I will be doing a mailing next week which will contain all of the details of the meeting, but I wanted to get the date out there to you in advance.

I also wanted to provide you with a tally from the public comment sheets from the last meeting. The tally of those preferring each option is as follows:
  • Option 1 (Replace Sanitary Sewer via open-cut, Install Storm Sewer Pipe, Fill Over): 0 votes
  • Option 2 (Replace Sanitary Sewer via open-cut, Rebuild Channel and line with riprap): 16 votes
  • Option 3 (Rehabilitate/Line Sanitary Sewer, Leave Channel as-is: 3 votes
  • None of the above: 4 votes
 Of the neighbors directly adjacent to the project, the tally is as follows:
  • Option 1:                0 votes 
  • Option 2:                6 votes 
  • Option 3:                1 vote 
  • None of the above:  2 votes 
Of other interested citizens, the tally is as follows:
  • Option 1:                0 votes 
  • Option 2:              10 votes 
  • Option 3:                2 votes 
  • None of the above:  2 votes  
At this point, we anticipate progressing with the design for Option 2. At the meeting we plan to present some potential options for landscaping.

I've copied everyone on this email that provided their email address at the other meetings - feel free to pass on to other interested parties.
Lisa Coleman

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