Exploring Downstream

Recently, Mary Norton and I decided to find out where our stream goes after it leaves the ravine. Its route underground is mysterious--Chris Schmidt says that it flows in pipes under Midvale Blvd. But just north of the corner of Merlham Dr. and Hillcrest Dr., we found another branch of the creek our stream feeds into. This branch flows, channelized by concrete, through backyards just W of Midvale Blvd.

View east from Merlham Dr. The curve looks very natural.
Mary and I climbed down, and ventured into the unknown. Ahead, we saw a Cooper's Hawk drinking from the stream. The surroundings were surprisingly pretty, despite the concrete walls and channel, which soon became straight as an arrow. We emerged after what seemed a long journey onto Midvale Blvd next to a bright red house. We were surprised to realize that we had gone only a block.
Headed north, or downstream. Less than an inch of water.
What we realized was that forgotten waterways are beautiful resources for the neighborhood, and habitat for wildlife. They could be a better resource if they were made more accessible. For example, steps are needed so people can get down. A bench or two for people to sit while watching the wildlife. Large, flat "stepping stones" would keep feet dry if the channel is wet.

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