Turning floods into trickles

Most of the damage to our ravine occurred during floods like this.
Creek in Nakoma after last year's cloudburst
Runoff from roofs, sidewalks, streets, and parking lots is mostly responsible for floods like these. The floods erode a stream's banks, carrying sediment to the lakes. The floodwaters also carry fertilizer, pesticides, pet waste, street oil, and other contaminants to the lakes.

Rain gardens are a simple solution for runoff problems. You've probably heard about rain gardens for your downspout. You simply scoop out a shallow depression and plant flowers that can tolerate flooding or drought.

Now several other neighborhoods have started to provide rain gardens for runoff from the street. These should be a high priority for Sunset Village, where the lack of curbs would make it easy to construct rain gardens.

Large parking lots in our neighborhood, including the churches, should also be equipped with rain gardens.

Rain garden for parking lot at the corner of Struck St. & Watts Rd.

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